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Snowbell Farm

Snowbell Farm is an affliate of OllieMae Farm. Rylie has branched out on her own and is in the process of establishing her own herd. Contact information will remain the same.

OllieMae Farm BB Salt Peanuts  (AI)

Peanut will not be bred for 2023

   DOB 2/6/2019  DNA on file

Show Record

9/2019       Kern County Fair - Sr Kid - 1st place

4/30/2019 Santa Barbara Dairy Goat Association - Dry Yearling - 3rd place ring #1, 4th place ring #2

5/4/2019   Mid State Dairy Goat Show - Dry Yearling - 4th place ring #1, 2nd place ring #2

9/22/22 Kern County Fair - 3rd place 3yr old milker

Sire: *B CH J-Nels DH Be Bop +EE 86

SS: +*B GCH Algedi Farm DJ Drops of Honey

SD: 2*M SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin VEEE 90

Dam: 1*M OllieMae Farm Lotus Elise +VV+ 83

DS: *B Castle Rock Big City Nights +VE 85 (OH)

DD: Castle Rock Wild Wheels R4Gals

OllieMae Farm TS Jasumin

DOB 5/5/2020

Show Record

6/5/2021     Lost Valley Dairy Goat Association - Dry Yearling -

1st in rings #1 & #2

8/14/2021   Redwood Empire Dairy Goat Association Youth show 

Dry Yearling - 1st in rings #1 & #2

9/22/22  Kern County Fair 1st Place 2yr old milker (FF) & Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf

Jazzy as we call her, is such a nicely balanced doe. Her front and rear attachments blend so smoothly into the body. She is currently on milk test and milks 3lbs per day consistently. Not bad for only kidding a single. 

      Her dam Stormy is Superior Genetics with high scores in rump, width, back and mammary and is listed on OllieMae Farm doe page.

Her sire, Ilenesrascals WP Tomo San is a young sire combining some of the best of Urban Acres and Woodbridge Farm.

Sire: Ilenesrascals WP Tomo San

Dam: SG 3*M Urban Acres MS Storm Sonata VEEV 89

                                                                                                                        Jazzy's First Freshening udder with single doeling

OllieMae Farm JM Vanilla Bean

DOB  02/14/2021

Beanie is out of Peanut, one of my favorite does. Excellent in production and mammary. She is very level over the topline, great spring of rib, width of rump and nicely blended.  Her width of escutcheon promises plenty of mammary capacity.  Dam's udder pics are above.


8/14/2021  Redwood Empire Dairy Goat Association Youth Show - Sr Kid - 3rd in ring #1, 1st in ring #2

Sire: IlenesRascals SD Jagermeister

SS:    Agape's Prize Saint Dismus

SD:    GCH DesertNanny Designer Cupcake *M*D EVEE 90

Dam:  OllieMae Farm BB Salt Peanuts

DS:     CH J-Nels DH Be Bop +*B +EE86

DD:     OllieMae Farm Lotus Elise 2*M

OllieMae Farm TS Peach Melba

DOB 5/5/2022

This beautiful red & white (with moonspots) girl has to stay. So well balanced with that body length we love around here. A small line breeding on Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn.

Dam: Lil Miss B Haven SolomonsMagic

DD:  Dam: Lil Miss B Haven Bewitched

2019 Nationals 8th Place Yearling Milker

DS: Agapes Prize Sulaymaan Quinn

Sire: IlenesRascals WP Tomo San

SS: CH Wood Bridge Promisclasact

SD: CH 3*M Urban Acres HK Trilli +V++ 82 (at one year of age) :



9/22/22  Kern County Fair 1st place Intermediate kid

               Photo of Dam - Lil Miss B Haven SolomonsMagic

                                   Photo of Sire - Ilenesrascals WP Tomo San  

MoneyPit Farms$$ MX Jasmine

DOB 6/3/2021

'MooMoo' as we call her,  is a beautiful black and white blue eyed doe. So smoothly blended with excellent body capacity. Her first freshening is right around the corner!

Sire: MoneyPit Farms$$ HD Maximilian

SS: Tres Rios SW Hidalgo

SD: Grass Valley LM Sassy Pants VVVE 89

Dam: MoneyPit Farms$$ FN JuJu

DS: Angle Acres Flying High Falcon VEE 90

DD: Grass Valley Moo's Magic

2023 Kidding Schedule

MoneyPit Farms$$ MX Jasmine

This is a line breed on Algedi Farm Sizzlin' Hot Honey and Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey  Doelings $500 Bucklings N/A

Planned Pedigree

Bred:  10/7/22        

Due:  3/1/23

Ultrasound Results: 3

Grass Valley Jack O’Lantern 

OllieMae Farm TS Jasumin

This will be a slight line breed on CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon and Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn    Does/Bucks $800

                                                    Jazzy's FF udder

3G Family Farm SC Huckleberry *B 

Planned Pedigree

Bred:  10/20/23

Due:  3/14/23

Ultrasound Results: 3

One doeling retained

OllieMae Farm JM Vanilla Bean

This will be a slight line breed on Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter and Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey  Does $500  Bucks N/A

Grass Valley Jack O’Lantern 

Bred:  10/6/22

Due:  2/28/23

Ultrasound Results: 3

1 doeling reserved