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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

2022 Kidding Schedule

Only 4 does will be bred this season. I have decided not to breed our farms nice crop of juniors until next fall.

Senior Does

Doelings and Bucks $700

Lil Miss B Haven SolomonsMagic

Photo shown milked out.

Sire: Agape's Prize Sulaymaan Quinn

Dam: Lil Miss B Haven Bewitched

So excited about this pairing. Slight linebreeding on Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn

Ilenesrascals WP Tomo San  

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Promisclasact

SS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable

SD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Pets Promise VEVE 89

Dam: CH Urban Acres HK Trilli +V++ 82 (at one year of age)

DS: *B Urban Acres CRF-BI Henrik

DD: 2*M GCH Urban Acres ASD Tinker Bell VVEE 90

                       Magic 2nd freshening udder



Ultrasound Results:

4*M OllieMae Farm RF Stella Blue

Doelings and Bucklings $500

DOB  1/16/18

Photo courtesy of Money Pit Farm

                                            Photo courtesy of Money Pit Farm

Sire: Owlhaven MH Rascal Flats

SS: Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey

SD: Proctor Hill Farm Pistol Annie

Dam: Urban Acres MS Storm Sonata

DS: Camanna LI Moonlight Symphony

DD: Urban Acres WC Rainy Day

Ilenesrascals WP Tomo San  



Ultrasound Results:

Doelings and Bucks $600

OllieMae Farm BB Salt Peanuts (AI)

dna on file

Sire:   GCH J-Nels DH Be Bop

Dam:  1*M OllieMae Farm Lotus Elise

Peanut FF Udder



Ultrasound Results:

*B OllieMae Farm HB Chladni (AI)

dna typed

Sire: *B CH Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson EVE 90 

SS: ++*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter EEE 91

SD: 3*M SGCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith EEVE 90

Dam: 3*M SG Urban Acres Ms Storm Sonata


DS: *B CH Camanna LI Moonlight Symphony V+V 86

DD: 2*M SGCH Urban Acres WC Rainy Day VEEE 90

        First Freshening Doelings

                  Does $500 Bucks Not Available

    Breedings may not take place if does haven't reached an acceptable maturity level.                         Expecting March/April kids


OllieMae Farm TS Jasumin

Sire: IlenesRascals WP Tomo San

Dam: SG Urban Acres MS Storm Sonata



Ultrasound Results:

Jazzy 1st place dry yearling in rings 1&2 at the 2021 REDGA Youth show.

 (AI) Alethia DJ Triton

Sire: Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter

Dam: Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna

This pairing will result in a slight line breeding on SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith

Planned Pedigree